Lay Leadership and CBOI Committees

Officers and Board of Trustees

Andrew Berezin President
Lauren Cell V.P.
Amy Stinson Recording Secretary
Michelle Goldberg Treasurer
Barry Wind Financial Secretary
  • David Dafilou
  • Fred Edelman
  • Leslie Floyd
  • Ralph Floyd ~ Men’s Club Rep.
  • Scott Gilinsky
  • Victor Giuffre
  • Brian Goldsmith
  • Abra Gorby
  • Joan Hersch
  • Andrea Kornblum
  • Susan Medoff
  • Daniel Moonay
  • Mark Nemiroff
  • Donna Nowicki
  • Seymour Nowicki
  • Ellier Russ
  • Daniel Schreiber
  • Amy Stinson
  • Dianne Strauss
  • Madeline Sturm
  • Robert Sweed
  • Jordan Warshafsky
  • Jodi Whartenby
  • Ellen Weiner
  • Fred Young
  • Judith Young

Honorary Trustees

  • Alan Agree
  • Harriet Belovin
  • Michael Dubrow
  • Sylvia Geser
  • Edyth Singer
  • Gene Stern

Past Presidents

  • Samuel Berkowitz *
  • William Borghard
  • Steven Corwin *
  • Esmond Druker
  • Fred Edelman
  • Leslie Floyd
  • Sylvia Geser
  • Scott Gilinsky
  • Victor Giuffre
  • Joan Hersch
  • Andrea Kornblum
  • Steve Minsky
  • Herman Mosovich *
  • Mark Nemiroff
  • Ellier Russ
  • Isidore Silverstein *
  • Madeline Sturm
  • George Weiner *
  • Brandon Wind
  • Fred Young

* Deceased


A subcommittee of the synagogue’s Board of Trustees. It meets to discuss the needs of the congregation and formulates the agenda for the monthly board meetings. The Executive Committee is comprised of the officers, Past Presidents and others as appointed by the President.

Prepares an Employee Handbook for adoption by the Board of Trustees and periodically reviews the policies. Oversees staffing and issues related to hiring, staff management and the setting of practices, procedures and policies for office and maintenance employees. Ensures the office and maintenance staff has the tools necessary to do the work and communicate adequately with the congregation, with an eye towards efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Oversees the Education Director who then in turn hires and supervises the religious school staff – with all religious school staff members held responsible for following policies and procedures set by the Personnel Subcommittee. Subcommittee works with Budget and Finance to set policies and procedures and ensure that synagogue bookkeeping is performed consistent with policies and procedures. The Subcommittee will identify one member to communicate directly with maintenance staff to assist in prioritizing, planning and decision making.

Develops and presents an annual budget for approval by the Board of Trustees. Reviews periodic internal financial reports, prepared by CBOI Treasurer, and other financial statements. Recommends actions to the Board as necessary to ensure the synagogue’s financial future. Institutes and implements internal financial controls as appropriate. Co-Chairs: Michelle Goldberg and Barry Wind

Responsible for the property and infrastructure of the buildings, including operational issues, capital improvements/projects and design matters.

Arranges for the ongoing maintenance of the synagogue and modular buildings and all operating systems (heating, A/C, utilities, carpet cleaning, etc.). Ensures maintenance of the property including landscape, snow removal, parking lot, playground and other exterior features. As required, obtains estimates for work and recommends a plan to address maintenance needs. On an emergent basis, arranges for necessary repairs to minimize damage and further expense. Manages the residential unit adjacent to the synagogue (534 Washington Crossing Road) as a parsonage and/or as a market rate rental unit.

Makes recommendations on issues related to the physical appearance of the synagogue and modular buildings with a goal of ensuring attractive and functional congregational spaces. Co-Chairs: Andrea Kornblum and Donna Nowicki

Arranges for the regular physical maintenance of the two synagogue cemeteries in Trenton. Makes policy recommendations to the Board of Trustees related to ongoing maintenance, fees and other issues related to cemetery operations. Ensures that perpetual care fees and any other related funds are segregated and expended appropriately for cemetery-related expenses. Utilizing CBOI publications and website, inform CBOI membership of cemetery options. Ensures the preservation, maintenance and availability of cemetery records to the membership and public. Co-Chairs: Barry Wind and Len Schultz

Establishes a general communications strategy for CBOI, both internally and externally. Initiates the outreach function of the synagogue utilizing all available media. Creates press releases and manages other publicity, public relations and marketing efforts for the routine and special events of CBOI. Creates materials to promote the synagogue, utilizing both traditional and electronic media. Advises and partners with the synagogue leadership in addressing any CBOI-related issues in the press or elsewhere in the media. Makes recommendations to the Board on synagogue usage of media including social networking sites (such as Facebook), electronic invitation programs (such as Evite) and other evolving electronic media options. Periodically reviews and revises membership application materials with membership committee.

  • Publicity
  • Public Relations
  • Marketing

We are looking for leadership.

Learning at CBOI is for every age and every stage of life. The Howard Hersch Religious School provides a thorough Jewish education for grades pre-K through grade 10. A wide variety of programs are presented for adults at every level of learning and interest. Inter-generational programs are offered throughout the year.

In cooperation with the Rabbi and Education Director for the Rabbi Howard Hersch Religious School, reviews curriculum and policy for the operation of the religious school. Makes policy recommendations related to the educational program and fees. Co- Chairs: Ellen Weiner and Lauren Cell

With the assistance of the Rabbi, sets a schedule of classes and programs to be presented to the congregation and, where appropriate, to the community at large, both Jewish and secular. Chair: Ellier Russ


Provides programs and speakers to educate membership and the larger community to promote knowledge of Israel and issues related to the Middle East.

Co-Chairs: Alan Agree 

Promotes CBOI to prospective members utilizing all available media by working closely with the communication committee. Arranges open houses and other activities for the purpose of inviting prospective members into the synagogue. Works with Communication Committee to prepare marketing materials for CBOI to be used at events and provide to prospective members. Represents CBOI at community functions to promote membership. Organizes annual “Shabbat Under the Stars” dinner and service and similar events to give prospective members an opportunity to see our synagogue rituals and celebrations. Develops membership retention programs and strategies.

Works with the Rabbi to make policy recommendations related to the conduct of all religious services and life cycle events conducted at CBOI or under the auspices of CBOI in keeping with the tenets of Conservative Judaism and needs of the congregation. Ensures the appropriate care and maintenance of our Torahs, all ritual objects and prayer books. Makes recommendations to the Board of Trustees for the purchase or acquisition of prayer books and related materials. Oversees coordinating ushers when necessary.
Co-Chairs: Mark Nemiroff 

Provides opportunities for the congregation to meet social service needs in the community and provide care and support within the synagogue community.

Identifies and implements projects for the support of the larger community, both Jewish and secular. Selects a range of projects which may appeal to different segments of the CBOI membership and presents many and varied opportunities to do mitzvah projects. Possibly provides project suggestions to B’nai Mitzvah students for the performance of their mitzvah project and/or coordinates with those students.

We are looking for leadership.

The Caring Committee provides support for members in times of illness, loss of a family member, or other lifecycle events. They visit The Birches Senior Living in Newtown monthly and can be counted on to organize drives for cold weather gear, food for the JFCS Food Pantry, school supplies, and relief efforts. 

Co-chairs: Amy Stinson and Janet Barudin.

Raises funds through “free-will giving” to support the operation of the synagogue and religious school. Organizes events and other giving opportunities to meet the fund-raising goal which is put forth annually in the synagogue budget. Includes “non-event” activities such as the Yizkor Book (Yom Kippur) and may include other social events or special events.

Ensures the provision of age-appropriate activities for the youth of CBOI to enrich the lives of CBOI children and to attract non-member children to our activities in the hope their families would join our synagogue. The committee works closely with Membership and Communication in those efforts.

Our mission is to develop programs that provide social, educational, and community oriented activities for two age groups: 3rd- 5th graders and 6th–8th graders. Our youth groups help to develop friendships, leadership, and responsible young adults with the primary goal being socializing with other Jewish children to create life-long friendships. The Youth Programming Committee helps facilitate communication and coordination between the youth groups and the young families subcommittees for the purposes of sharing programming and creating a “move up” stream for the children – feeding from one group to the other.

Creates programming for families that include pre-school and primary school-aged children. Programs can include, but are not limited to, Tot Shabbats.