Keruv - Interfaith Families

CBOI Keruv Interfaith FamiliesWe invite your family to worship with us, to participate in all of our programming, events and activities with us.  CBOI has prided itself on welcoming families of various backgrounds to join us and add their strength to our community.  We imagine that CBOI will be a spiritual home to you and to your family, a place where you will find special meaning as you celebrate the many sacred moments in your lives.

We are a Modern Conservative synagogue striving to find the balance between tradition and modernity while ensuring that all people feel welcome.

As an multi-faith family, you can expect to be fully involved in the lifecycle events of your children’s lives.  For example:

  • We invite both parents to be fully involved in the naming of their child. We also find ways to include family members of other faith backgrounds to be involved as well.
  • We invite both parents to bless with their son or daughter when they reach the age of Bar/Bat Mitzvah
  • We invite Non-Jewish grandparents to bless their grandchild during significant life cycle moments.
  • All family members would be called to receive blessings on special occasions such as consecration, confirmation and/or graduation.
  • All family members would be part of group blessings for travel to Israel or other places.
  • Rabbi Gaber is always ready to meet with couples getting married. Please be aware that Rabbis of the Conservative Movement are only permitted to officiate at the marriage of two members of the Jewish faith.  Rabbi Gaber will be happy to help couples navigate a path toward a joyous celebratory moment.
  • Rabbi Gaber and the synagogue are there to help all members of the congregation find comfort and support during difficult moments. While many Jewish rituals and traditions are universal, Rabbi Gaber will be available to offer guidance to a multi-faith family during these times.

We offer a tremendous library of resources to help all members of the family find their spiritual path and to continue learning about Judaism, Jewish life and Jewish living.  Speak to or email Rabbi Aaron Gaber or Mrs. Joan Hersch and they will be glad to help you find just what you need to deepen your relationship with our community and congregation.


Learn more about Keruv and Interfaith families here.

Keruv - Upcoming Events

Event 1

Our next Torah Tots which is open to everyone in our community will be on Sunday, April 2. We will be celebrating Passover with songs and stories as presented by Mark Novak and Renee Brachfeld, our Scholar in Residence. This special program will begin at 10:00am adn be dedicated just to our young children. Please join us.

Event 2

Please save 4/22/17. That Saturday morning will be the time for CBOI’s annual Keruv shabbat service. The topic of discussion of the morning will be the timely and controversy matter of Conservative rabbi’s performing interfaith marriages. This will be a lively. Also the Keruv committee will be sponsoring the Kiddush after service. Spoiler alert, The food is going to be good.

Keruv , a program of the Federation of Jewish Men’s Clubs, which is welcoming intermarried families to the rich mosaic which is the CBOI family. CBOI makes my job of welcoming easy due to the warm atmosphere of our family and the support of Rabbi Gaber and the Board of Trustees. We offer many opportunities for the interfaith family to participate in CBOI through activities sush as Men’s Club, Sisterhood, Tot Shabbat and Torah Tots.

If you are an intermarried family looking for a warm ,welcoming family to further your spiritual needs, CBOI is the place. I look forward to welcoming families of all spiritual diversities to CBOI
Michael Dubrow – Chairman