College Outreach

College Outreach helps us remain in contact with college students who are the sons and daughters of Congregation Brothers of Israel members. The College Outreach Program at CBOI is intended to help college students maintain a friendly and continuous connection with our community. As navigating Jewish life while away at college can be difficult, this program serves as a resource to help our college students stay connected Jewish life and find ways to get involved with their local Jewish community. Several major benefits of the College Outreach program are:

  • Students will receive small Jewish holiday packages twice a year
  • Students will be emailed The Voice, our monthly newsletter
  • Students will receive holiday greetings and a birthday greeting
  • Students will be invited to social gatherings during school holidays and breaks
  • Students will have regular emailing opportunities with Rabbi Gaber

These benefits are also extended to young adults who have joined the military.

Some of these young people return to Bucks County after college graduation and join CBOI and others may move to other communities around the globe. Regardless, we want them to recognize that Congregation Brothers of Israel remembers and supports them, especially during their college years, as they transition from adolescence into adulthood.

Although our Sisterhood and Men’s Club underwrite the program, donations are always welcome.

Campus Visits

We invite current college students to sign up to be a campus host for any CBOI high school students who may be visiting their school. Current students will get in touch with them before they visit to set up a meet and greet on campus. In this way, a familiar face can also serve as a great source of inside information for students and their families.

Sign Up

To stay connected to CBOI while away at college or in military service, students or parents should complete this short form or contact the synagogue office at 215-579-2200 to provide the necessary information. As these addresses often change semester to semester or year to year, we can only provide care packages if we have up-to-date addresses. Please complete a form each year, or whenever the student moves during the year, so we can stay in touch. Let us know if your child will be studying abroad and when you expect them back on campus. Also, if you are a parent of a recent graduate, please let us know so that our list remains up to date.


Religious Services

CBOI invites out-of-state students attending college in Mercer or Bucks County to join us at any of our services, including Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur services, as we hope other congregations will do the same for the sons and daughters of our synagogue’s family members. For High Holy Day services, we simply ask that students request a ticket by contacting the synagogue office. Students may be asked to show a valid student or military I.D.


If you are interested in assisting our College Outreach Committee, please contact by email or call the synagogue office, 215-579-2200.

Thank you.

Congregation Brothers of Israel