Israel Forum

The Israel Forum was started in 2009 by Congregants Albert Algazi and Alan Agree at Brothers of Israel to highlight support for the State of Israel. Over the years we have had programs and speakers related to the events in the Middle East and how they affect Israel. We have recognized two different Christian organizations for their unwavering support of Israel and the Jewish people. Events recognizing the Friends of Israel Ministry (2011) and the Bucks County Christian Coalition (2012) saw over 300 people attending each program in which the Israel Consulate General and the Deputy Consul General participated. Our programs include films and attendance at Philadelphia-wide Israel programs. New committee members are always welcome!

Past programs have included:

  • The history of the plight of Soviet Jewry
  • Media bias against Israel
  • Politics of Israel
  • Jewish National Fund
  • Magen David Adom
  • The Arab World
  • Jewish refugees from Arab lands
  • European Anti Semitism

Film presentations have included:

  • The Long Way Home, narrated by Morgan Freeman about Holocaust survivors efforts to reach Israel;
  • The Counterfeiters, true story about concentration camp
  • Ushpizin, Story about Orthodox in Israel
  • Boy in the Striped Pajamas, fictional story about concentration camp.

Mission Statement: Improving and spreading knowledge dealing with the State of Israel through education and communication.


  1. Establish a permanent organization “Israel Forum” at CBOI
  2. Build a strong relationship with Jewish organizations
  3. Look for a source of funding to support the activities under Israel Forum
  4. Advertise the activities of the forum
  5. Spread important news about Israel


  1. Meet on a regular basis
  2. Provide events and support all activities dealing with Israel on the local level
  3. Promote events and include information monthly in the Voice (CBOI Newsletter)
  4. Establish relationship with Israel Consulate of Philadelphia

Photo taken on the occasion of a talk by Raslan Abu Rukun, Deputy Consul General of Israel, about his experience as a Druze representing Israel. He talked about his life in Israel and about the Arab World.

Shown from left to right: Mark Melmed (Beth El, AFMDA Bucks President), Steve Minsky, Albert Algazi, Raslan Abu Rukun (Deputy Consul General of Israel, Tri State Area), Rabbi Hersch, Terry Noble (Co-Chair of the Bucks County Christian Coalition), Alan Agree.