Pray With Us

If you are interested in attending services at Congregation Brothers of Israel, we’d love to have you. Friday night Shabbat services are held at 8 p.m. each week. Occasionally we have a synagogue event that might cause services to have an early start. So it’s a good idea to check our calendar. Friday night services are an hour in length. They have a lighter, more joyous tone than our more traditional Saturday morning service. Saturday morning services start at 9:30am and end by Noon. We read the triennial parsha. Rabbi Gaber shares thought provoking ideas from the Torah and timely sermons at both Shabbat services. If you are more interested in learning about service rituals, attend our Men’s Club Sunday morning Minyan, held any Sunday that religious school is in session.

Our sanctuary is equipped with Hearing Loop – a system that transmits magnetic energy to equipped hearing aids. Most hearing aids have telecoils and will work with the Hearing Loop system.

Religious school programs are incorporated with holiday celebrations throughout the academic year. Special services and observances that include the religious school are an excellent time to sample the ritual life at Congregation Brothers of Israel.

Rabbi Gaber brings his joy of a rich prayer life and the ability to share ancient traditions in a way that make them relevant and compelling to us today. We hope you’ll join us soon, and come often.