Religious Services


The centerpiece of our community’s week is Shabbat. Our Shabbat morning service brings together individuals with wide-ranging knowledge of liturgy and practice.

Shabbat services are conducted every Friday evening beginning at 8:00 pm. An Oneg Shabbat follows services.

Shabbat morning services begin at 9:30 am and are followed with a Kiddush.

Class Shabbatot are held throughout the year.

Welcome Shabbat with your synagogue family. And, to make it even more special, mark your special occasions, such as birthdays and anniversaries, by sponsoring an oneg or kiddush. Call the synagogue office at 215-579-2200 to arrange the sponsorship. The announcement of the sponsorship will appear in the weekly Shabbat Shalom, inviting the congregation to celebrate with you.

For those new to CBOI here is a guide to Services Etiquette. We look forward to welcoming you to our Shabbat community.

Shabbat Ushers

It is always a pleasure to welcome our synagogue family and guests to services on Shabbat. I’m pleased to serve as the primary usher and assistance is always appreciated.

Take a moment to familiarize yourself with the usher’s duties by reviewing our  Guidelines For Shabbat Morning Services and give me a call to let me know when you are available to help out.

Ralph Floyd


Participation and Honors

We welcome participation in all aspects of synagogue life. Please contact one of the following people to participate in services:

To read Torah or recite a Haftorah (perhaps on the anniversary of your Bar/Bat Mitzvah) contact: Julie Berezin (Ritual Co-Chair), or 215.208.5478,

To have an aliyah to the torah, notify a gabbai (usher/helper) when you enter the sanctuary.

For any and all other questions, contact Rabbi Gaber, (215) 579-2200,

We want to keep informed about significant life events of our members in order to honor them with an aliyah when appropriate. If you have a yartzeit or are celebrating a special birthday or anniversary and would like to receive an aliyah or other honor, please let the gabbai know when you enter the sanctuary. Feel free to contact the office ahead of time if you or somebody you know should have an honor.

Sunday Minyan

A Learner’s Minyan is held every Sunday when Hebrew School is in session. This is an opportunity to daven, ask questions and learn. The service begins at 9:20 and is typically 50 minutes in length. All are welcome!

Please check the calendar or Shabbat Shalom to ensure that Hebrew School is in session.

High Holy Days

High Holidays at Brothers of Israel is a warm and intimate experience – by choice. When we moved to our new synagogue home in Bucks County, we held services in a school auditorium so that all members could attend the same service. But the room was cold. The Cantor and Rabbi were far away. The chairs squeaked and were uncomfortable. And it took a lot of time and effort to move a temporary bimah and torah stand, books and everything else to the school. There was an overwhelming desire to bring high holiday services back to our spiritual home.

To accommodate everyone, we created an “alternative service” in the afternoon for both the first day of Rosh Hashanah and for Yom Kippur. The afternoon service is designed to have more english, and be more explanatory and a little shorter for younger members who are not attending Junior Congregation, the Primary Service or babysitting.

Congregants are given a choice as to which services they would like to attend. Registration is taken in August. Once registered, members are sent tickets in the mail and present those tickets at the service. There is an opportunity to obtain tickets for extended family members. Handicapped parking is available at the synagogue and other members are asked to park at a nearby church and take a shuttle to the synagogue. Most members agree, it’s a minor inconvenience to be able to attend services in the synagogue.