On a personal level, Sisterhood is a group of women who have formed lifelong bonds of friendship by not only by being members of Congregation Brothers of Israel, but also by empowering themselves to run an organization. On a local level, Sisterhood is an organization of women dedicated to the beautification, education and enhancement of the synagogue and, as such, Sisterhood runs many of its own programs and sponsors many of the Congregation’s programs.

On a larger scale, our organization is a participating member of Women’s League for Conservative Judaism (WLCJ) and in addition to supporting CBOI, we also support Conservative Judaism with our participation in the annual Torah Fund. The WLCJ is the largest synagogue based women’s organization in the world. As an active arm of the Conservative/Masorti Movement, WLCJ provides services to 700 affiliated women’s groups in synagogues across North America. This network links 120,000 women in 25 Branches (regions), together with groups in Israel, Great Britain and South America.

Why Should I Join Sisterhood? The most important reason is because of the special relationships you will make with a group of dedicated women. Other important reasons include having a good time and gaining the satisfaction knowing that your membership and participation helps support the synagogue. Sisterhood is not just for long-time synagogue members, Sisterhood is for everyone. We need a mix of long-term members, with their knowledge and experience, and newer members, with their fresh ideas and their own experiences, to help us have the best organization possible.

Check the synagogue calendar for Sisterhood events. Highlights from previous years include: Challah and Hamantaschen baking, Holiday parties and potlucks, and theater trips.

In addition, CBOI Sisterhood helps to fund and support the following CBOI programs:

  • Weekly Kiddush following Shabbat services (in the absence of another sponsor)
  • Weekly Oneg Shabbat following Shabbat services (in the absence of another sponsor,
  • Coordinate the New Year’s congregational greeting card
  • Operate the CBOI Judaica Shop. We sell supermarket scrip, the proceeds of which support CBOI operations and programs
  • Provide candy for B’nai Mitzvot services
  • Manage and maintain synagogue table linens.

Best of all, we plan our own special programs for Sisterhood members, such as:

  • Membership Lunch/Dinner
  • Sisterhood Shabbat
  • Annual Torah Fund Brunch for Donors, Benefactors and Guardians
  • Social and educational activities throughout the year for our members, including Moonbeams, our Rosh Chodesh group.

We are always looking for enthusiastic and creative women to help build our program and support our synagogue. The Sisterhood of CBOI is very fortunate to have women with the vision and knowledge to lead and sustain our institution. We are very proud of the vital role we play in the everyday life of CBOI. Annual membership dues are $36.00 ($25 Seniors) and are used to support all of the work that we do throughout the year. Please join us – we welcome you!

CBOI Sisterhood Leadership:

  • Diane Strauss, President
  • Naomi Baer, Membership
  • Abra Gorby, Programming
  • Judy Minsky, Communications
  • Donna Nowicki, At Large
  • Sharon Segarra, Financial Secretary
  • Surelle Wind, Benevolent Committee
  • Bari Wolfson, At Large
  • Judi Young, Gift Shop & Torah Fund

For more information regarding our Sisterhood, please phone CBOI at 215-579-2200