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Congregation Brothers of Israel

L'dor Vador—From Generation to Generation since 1883
לדור ודור







MEETING ID: 768 677 6767

Candle Lighting Times

JUNE 21, 2024
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Jerusalem 7:13
Miami 7:58
New York 8:13
Philadelphia 8:15





*Note:  At this time, out of consideration to our membership, our synagogue life is continuing by having events, services, religious school, etc., live and on zoom.

As a Conservative synagogue, we offer services on Friday night and Shabbat morning, as well as on all the Jewish holidays, including the 7th and 8th days.

Our Friday evening Kabbalat Shabbat services begin at 7:00 PM and use the Prayer Book Siddur Lev Shalem. Kabbalat Shabbat literally means "Receiving the Sabbath".  And during this service we daven (pray) and sing, led by Rabbi Gaber, and of course we say Kaddish on the yahrzeits of our beloved family members and friends who have passed away.  Following this service there is a parve Oneg Shabbat sponsored by our Sisterhood or a synagogue member.

Saturday morning Shabbat services begin at 10:00 AM, using the Siddur Hadash Prayer Book.  Observing Shabbat is both a Commandment and a mitzvah, as well as a much needed break from the demands of our lives. From the first words of Shacharit, through the Amidah and the Torah service, the Rabbi's D'var Torah and the final bars of Adon Olam, we hope you will feel a sense of peace, enlightenment and the welcoming feeling of being part of the greater Jewish community.  After the service, we serve a light luncheon.

We open our hearts and our services to all who wish to celebrate the Sabbath.


What are people missing out on if they let their feelings of intimidation keep them away from experiencing Judaism?

They are missing 5,000-year-old wisdom and love that can carry them through times of great joy and great sorrow. The reason why Judaism has lasted for so long is because it makes practical sense! Jewish values include dedication to family, community, education, repairing the world and more. Those are amazing foundations on which to build a life. Look, our world today is about as frightening as it has ever been. It is so important to have something to hold on to that will help to center your soul. Judaism does that. Even just taking a breath and celebrating the beauty of separating Shabbat from the rest of the week will shift you. Sometimes, we feel like saying to the Jewish outsiders, “Listen, on behalf of Judaism, we are sorry you find it to be intimidating. Our bad. But please, we need every one of you. We will work on the intimidation and in the meantime, we welcome you with love!”

* This is excerpt was taken from an article titled "Come on in, the Water's Fine!", in the March 2019 issue of USJC Journeys, written by The Co-Founder of JewBel​​​​​​ong, Archie Gottesman

Tue, June 25 2024 19 Sivan 5784