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Congregation Brothers of Israel

L'dor Vador—From Generation to Generation since 1883
לדור ודור

Adult Education

Chaired by Dr. Ellier Russ with the assistance of  Rabbi Gaber and committee members Mira Berzofsky, Jean Elkin, Scott Gilinsky, Sherry Klapper, Len Schultz, Jean & Kevin Ulkloss, Ellen Weiner, Judy & Fred Young, This committee coordinates programs and classes to engage members in lifelong learning. Events include our yearly Scholar in Residence program, Talmud Study, Mah Nishtanah: What’s Different About Today’s Judaism, The Observant Life Book Series and more. Guest speakers, online webinars and Shabbat morning discussions additionally provide congregants with opportunities to expand their knowledge of Judaism and living a Jewish life. For further information click here.


BTC Committee is Chaired by Maxine Goldsmith with committee members Bruce Belovin and Bob Sweed. As you can see on our History page, Congregation Brothers of Israel built two high rise apartment buildings flanking the Greenwood Avenue synagogue. As CBOI moved over to Newtown, the apartment towers, Trent Center East and West, were sold along with the synagogue building. However, the congregation retained an interest in Project Freedom, non-profit organization that developed and operates barrier-free housing to enable individuals with disabilities to live independently on the property we formerly owned. The Committee supervises all business having to do with Project Freedom and our former properties. 

Budget and Finance

Chaired by Brian Goldsmith Financial Secretary,  The Budget and Finance Committee consists of Kevin Ulkloss, Michael Agin, Len Schultz, Jeff Weiss, and Leslie Floyd. The Budget and Finance Committee develops and presents an annual budget for approval of the Board of Trustees. They review periodic internal financial reports, prepared by CBOI's treasurer, and other financial statements. They also recommend actions to the Board as necessary to ensure CBOI's financial future. They institute and implement internal financial controls as appropriate.

Buildings and Grounds

Donna Nowicki works to make the interior and the exterior of CBOI more appealing. They are responsible for the property and infrastructure of the buildings, including operational issues, capital improvements/projects and design matters.

The caring committee

The Caring Committee is Co-Chaired by Janet Barudin and Amy Stinson. It consists of Sharon Bromberg, Nora Feldman,Donna Nowicki, Bernice Rosenthal, Rita Schultz, Surelle Wind. The Caring Committee assesses the needs and desires of the congregation related to providing organized support during times of illness, loss of a family member, addition on a new family member or other significant lifecycle events. Support may include meals for families recovering from illness, attending Shiva to represent the congregation, one-on-one grief support and reading to congregants recovering from illness.They also visit the Birches one Sunday a month.

Cemetery committee

Chaired by Fred Edelman, the Cemetery Committee consists of Eric Barash,,  Abra Gorby,  Bruce Gorby, Len Schultz, and Sharon Segarra.. The Cemetery Committee arranges for the preservation and upkeep of CBOI’s two historic synagogue cemeteries in Trenton, as well as the preservation and availability of cemetery records to CBOI members and the public. The committee makes policy recommendations to the Board of Trustees related to ongoing maintenance, fees and other issues related to cemetery operations, ensures that perpetual care fees and any other related funds are segregated and expended appropriately for cemetery-related expenses, and informs the CBOI membership of cemetery options.
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Communications/ MARKETING /WEBSITE

Chaired by Roz Zucker, the Communications Committee consists of Donna Nowicki, Lauri Accardi, Paula Raimondo, & Sharon Segarra.
Besides creating and updating CBOI's  new website the Communications committee is making sure CBOI's presence is publicized throughout Bucks and Mercer Counties. The Communications Committee creates materials to promote the synagogue using both traditional and electronic media. They periodically review and revise membership application materials.


The Endowment Committee is Chaired by Jeff Weiss with Dan Moonay serving as Secretary. Its members are Bob Sweed, Jordan Warshafsky & Bari Wolfson. The Board of Trustees established the 5910 Endowment Fund to enable CBOI to remain financially strong and viable until at least the Jewish year of 5910 (2150 Civil year). They are responsible for the supervision of the initial and ongoing investment and reinvestment of the Endowment Fund's assets.

Israel Forum

The Israel Forum is made up of Chair -Alan Agree and Ellier Russ. They provide programs and speakers to educate membership and larger community about and promote knowledge of Israel and issues related to the Middle East.
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Men’s Club

President: Len Rosenfeld, Vice-Presidents: Dan Schreiber and Eric Barash, Treasurer: Jeff Weiss, Secretary: Len Schultz, FJMC Regional Rep: Michael Dubrow
CBOI Men’s Club, affiliated with the Federation of Jewish Men’s Clubs, is an active arm within the synagogue, providing camaraderie, activities, events, and fellowship for men of all ages. For more information click here.


The membership Committee consists of Jo Fradkin, Wendy Nowicki, and Jean Ulkloss

Project Tzedek

Lenny & Karen Rosenfeld,  Susan Rosenstein & Jeff Liss. We have formed a new committee at CBOI, Project Tzedek, to help address the vast inequities that exist in our communities. We feel it is our duty as Jews to help make the world better. The goal of the committee is to use our communal abilities to address some social issues impacting our local  community, such as food insecurity, educational inequalities, health care availability, racism and gun violence . We will start by educating  ourselves and our congregation about some of the social issues impacting our local community and we will then, as a group, decide on a cause that we would like to address. Finally we will create and carry out a plan to help alleviate that cause. We are hoping to work with other community organizations to leverage our individual and collective talents and resources to bring about positive change.  We hope to include as many people as possible to be a part of this group. All ages are welcome and any level of participation will be greatly appreciated.  In Tikkun Olam, there is something for everyone to do to help repair our world. 


Chaired by Jen Wind, PTO 'encourages-parent, teacher and community involvement by providing programs that facilitate so these activities may PTO parents get involved by supporting their students, teachers and staff. Parents can volunteer to be room parents to assist with class holiday activities. Teachers and staff may become involved by helping to plan events that encourage the religious education of the students.


The Ritual Committee Co- Chaired by Eli Kaufman and Mark Nemiroff, consists of Eric Berzofsky, Anne Pettit, Alan Agree, Sharon Gertzman, Sherry Klapper, Ellier Russ, Madeline Sturm, Barry Wind and Roz Zucker.. They work with Rabbi Gaber to make policy recommendations related to the conduct of all religious services and life cycle events conducted at CBOI or under the auspices of CBOI in keeping with the tenets of Conservative Judaism and needs of the congregation. The Ritual Committee ensures the appropriate care and maintenance of Torahs, all ritual objects and prayer books. They make recommendations to the Board of Trustees for the purchase or acquisition of prayer books and related materials. They oversee coordinating ushers when necessary.


President: Abra Gorby, Treasurer: Sharon Segarra, Gift Shop: Judi Young.  The most important reason to join Sisterhood is because of the special relationships you will make with a group of dedicated women. Other important reasons include having a good time and gaining the satisfaction knowing that your membership and participation helps support the synagogue. Sisterhood is not just for long-time synagogue members; Sisterhood is for everyone. We need a mix of long-term members, with their knowledge and experience, and newer members, with their fresh ideas and their own experiences, to help us have the best organization possible.

We are always looking for enthusiastic and creative women to help build our program and support our synagogue. The Sisterhood of CBOI is very fortunate to have women with the vision and knowledge to lead and sustain our institution. We are very proud of the vital role we play in the everyday life of CBOI. Annual membership dues are $36.00 ($25 for seniors) first year is complimentary.

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strategic planning Committee

Co-Chairs Eric Berzofsky and Roz Zucker is made up of  Jo & Jacob Fradkin, Abra Gorby, Eli Kaufman & Paula Raimondo, Donna Nowicki, Dan Schreiber, Jean & Kevin Ulkloss, Jordan Warshafsky, Jim Wartenberg, Barry Wind, who are dedicated to planning the future of CBOI.

YOUTH Education Committee

Chaired  Ellen Weiner, consisting of PTO Chair  Amy Deutch, Lauri Accardi, Diana Brandani,Sherry Klapper, & Sue Medoff, Scott Rubin and Jen Wind. This Committee works with  Education Director Joan Hersch to hire teachers and enhance the educational curriculum.

To Volunteer for any of these Committees &/or Organizations please fill out this Form by clicking here.

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